About Us

Best Wig Sales is owned by Rhonda L. Carson in Winston-Salem, NC. After deciding to give her natural hair a break from daily manipulation owner Rhonda L. Carson began searching for alternatives to wearing her natural hair while still presenting a polished look. After buying her first lace front wig and hating the shiny false look of a locally purchased synthetic wig she decided to visit the local beauty store. Prices were triple the price that she could pay online so she went back to her research and discovered a vast amount of websites with different price points. Not wanting to spend a ton of money on her first human hair wig she decided on one seller and was super pleased. The next purchase took her days to find after jumping from one site to another trying to find the best deal for the best quality of hair. Best Wig Sales was formed to provide a curation of the best wig, weave, and hair extension sales online in one place. All our our products offer free shipping and are shipped from within the United States. We hope that you find what you are looking for in our vast assortment and are happy to help you source the exact products that you are looking for to ensure a polished look for your next event. Send Best Wig Sales an email or use our contact form to reach out to us today for a consultation on the best products for your personal needs. Formed in 2020, our goal is to ensure that you receive top quality product to enhance your natural beauty. If you are looking for the best quality wigs, weave, and hair extensions shipped from within the US, place an order with Best Wig Sales today. Consultations are available by request.